It's About Results


  Depending on the size and complexity of our Client’s activities, OSI will develop an on and off-site team to shepherd the process of program management plan design, mobilization and implementation. We take the program management concept seriously as it is the driver of our Client’s success. 

Tailoring our efforts to Client Needs

We turn ideas and requirements into a cost effective and scalable plan that supports all phases of Program Management Cycle. We specialize in construction management, humanitarian aid provision, and emergency relief.   

Support during the Program Management Cycle

A well planned activity creates a foundation for a well implemented activity. OSI can tailor its support for all  program management  phases from Concept to Design , Mobilization. Supervision and Oversight during Project Implementation  and Sustainability.  

Security and Logistics

 Safety of personnel in the host country is essential. We have the capability to operate under many configurations and tailor our security management to ensure our Clients are safe by utilizing the appropriate level of security, life support, and training. 

Monitoring and Evaluation

OSI adopts a multi-tiered monitoring methodology that utilizes the triangulation of data from different sources. We integrate new technologies and trusted techniques to ensure information is accurate and can be reported with integrity.  

The lack of local buy-in can determine the success or failure of a project. OSI uses a unique form of monitoring called atmospherics during the planning and implementation phases. Atmospherics researches public knowledge and perceptions, which helps OSI to develop communications, implementation and security plans. Continuous updates gauge the attitudes of the local population so that our Clients can determine whether programs are being well received by the intended recipients and where possible realign program activities. 

Many contracts contain detailed requirements for monitoring and evaluation (M&E) plans. OSI has experts ready to assist Clients through every step of M&E plan development. This is very important to ensure that programs are reporting on the deliverables per contract and not held accountable for additional requirements.   

Client Communications

 OSI creates a customized client dashboard and web-based portal to maintain knowledge transfer and continuity of operations during life cycle of the program.  This provides one location for the Client to access information for the activity. For example, the dashboard may contain construction planning documents, project schedules, monitoring data, quality assurance plans, photos, and more.